Best SEO and internet marketing services in Orleans County NY. Orleans County zip codes - 14103, 14411, 14429, 14452, 14477, 14479, 14571 Orleans County is a county in the US state of New York located in the west of the state. The county was founded in 1824. It was named after French Royal House of Orleans. Its seat is in the town of Albion and Albion is the largest town in the county. The area of the Orleans County is 817 sq mi (that is 2,116 sq km). The land takes 391 sq mi (1,013 sq km) and water takes 426 sq mi (1,103 sq km). 52% of the territory is water. The Lake Ontario is located in the county. Also the Erie Canal goes through the county. The population of the county is 42,883 residents, according to the census in 2010. The density is 110/sq mi (that is 42/ sq km). Orleans County is governed by a seven-member legislature, where a chairman is its head. There are five school districts in Orleans County. They are: Lyndonville Central School District, Albion Central School District, Medina Central School District, Kendall Central School District and Holley Central School District. There are two branches of Genesee Community College located in the town of Albion and in the town of Medina. There are ten towns, four villages and five hamlets in the county.