Best SEO and internet marketing services in Montgomery County NY. Montgomery County zip county - 13043, 13061, 13072, 13134, 13163, 13310, 13314, 13334, 13346, 13355, 13364, 13408, 13418, 13465, 13484 Montgomery County is a county in the U.S. state of New York. It is located in the central part of the New York state. It was named after Richard Montgomery, an American Revolutionary War general. It was founded in 1772 as Tryon County but it was renamed into Montgomery County in 1784. Fonda is the county’s seat. According to the census in 2010, more than 50,000 people live there. The county has the area of 410 square miles (that’s 1,100 km2), where 403 square miles is land and 7,3 square miles is water. The Erie Canal flows through Montgomery County. Parallel to the Canal the Mohawk River Flows. The Erie Canal connects Great Lakes shipping with Hudson River. A few towns appeared along the canal, because goods are carried there and lots of people used ships as means of transportation. But when railroad was built in the state is became the main means of transportation. Nowadays, the Erie Canal is used by locals, who own boats and to entertain tourists. People of such nationalities live there: White and Black Afro Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Poles, Italians, Germans, Puerto Ricans, Englishmen and others. 86,8% of people speak English as their native language, 9,3% Spanish, 1,8% Italian and 1.1% Polish language.