Best SEO and internet marketing services in Cattaraugus County NY. Cattaraugus County zip codes - 14041, 14101, 14129, 14133, 14168, 14171, 14173, 14706, 14719, 14729, 14730, 14731, 14741, 14743, 14748, 14751, 14753, 14755, 14760, 14766, 14772, 14778, 14779, 14783, 14788 Cattaraugus County is located in the U.S. state of New York. The seat of this county is the city of Little Valley. The county appeared in 1808, but it was organized ten years later in 1817. More than 80,000 people live there, according to the census in 2010. The area takes 1,322 square miles (that is 3,420 km2), where 14 square miles (36 km2) goes for water. The county is located in the southern part of the state. There are not many mountains, but still they can be seen there. The natural gas is extracted there. The Mississippi River is flowing past the county and Great Lakes are situated there. On the north Cattaraugus Creek flows there. There are two big airports in Cattaraugus County. The major business city is Olean. There are two ski resorts popular in winter. People speak in different accents from Appalachian English to Inland Northern American English. People of many nationalities live there, from Black and White Afro Americans to Italians and Poles. 95% of the population speak English and 1,5% Spanish language as their native. Lots of newspapers are published in Cattaraugus County. There are several colleges and one of the most popular colleges is located in Olean, and is called Jamestown Community College.